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Custom Portal and Database Development

Custom Portal and Database Development

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Do you want to harness the real power of custom-built apps? Connect them to an online database — it’s the foundation you need to innovate and scale your business. Here are 10 reasons why:

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Reduce the time you spend searching for data with a centralized online database, which gives you immediate access to information. Break down departmental silos and allow multiple users to modify data in a secure environment using any device. Raise productivity with real-time data management and automated workflows.

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Today’s businesses use a gamut of cloud tools and services. To truly enhance the reach of your web-based database, connect across existing third-party apps to eliminate the need to transfer data from one source to another. Integrate with Microsoft tools, Google services, cloud repositories and more.

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Today’s businesses use a gamut of cloud tools and services. To truly enhance the reach of your web-based database, connect across existing third-party apps to eliminate the need to transfer data from one source to another. Integrate with Microsoft tools, Google services, cloud repositories and more.

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Since cloud database services take care of everything, there’s no need to drain IT resources on maintenance and upkeep. Minimize upfront investment and long-term costs that come with owning and maintaining sophisticated infrastructure. Help your IT team focus on more critical projects.

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The latest cloud innovations facilitate remote work and instantly ensure business continuity, especially during emergencies. Mitigate the impact of unforeseen events by hosting critical information in a secure and accessible web database.

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Database platforms provide simple tools to control user access based on what your organization requires. Create custom reports and interfaces tailor-made for your team, securing them with password protection that allows multiple departments to access data based on their permissions.

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Spreadsheets like Excel are not true databases and don’t provide interfaces to manage updates, workflows or permissions effectively. Promote cross-functional collaboration and data sharing with a single source of truth. Use online databases to secure data and eliminate the hassle of reconciling different files.

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Personalized interfaces close more deals. Revolutionize how you connect with prospects, customers and partners by implementing online applications tailored to your unique processes. Unlock new opportunities to deliver superior user experiences throughout the entire customer journey.

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Storing sensitive information on-premises puts you at risk. Take advantage of online platforms equipped with enterprise-grade security, regulated audits, established compliance, worldwide data centers and native backup-and-restore procedures to protect against data breaches and unexpected issues.

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With an integrated low-code platform developed by ZenonHost, easily create custom apps on top of your database without complicated coding. Go beyond archaic means of managing data and build CRMs, knowledge bases, ticketing systems and other use cases you can imagine.



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With sensitive and proprietary business data on the line, choose a database that provides maximum security, automatic scalability and proven ease-of-use.

UAC functions

Not all databases support the level of user management required for secure, multi-user applications. We can easily grant users secure access through authentication forms, encrypted passwords, record-level security and role-level privileges.

Permission functions

It’s critical to assign fine-grained privileges for everyone in your team, down to each individual table. With Zenonhost developers, administrators can configure access permissions for all users, groups and APIs that create, view, edit or delete objects in your online database.

DP functions

Data silos and incompatible systems often trap large volumes of information. Streamline your workflows within a database and gain automatic data export to multiple platforms like AWS S3, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and other cloud repositories.

Mobile Compatibility

With over 50% of worldwide website traffic generated through mobile phones, it’s not acceptable for database apps to be viewable only on desktops. Zenonhost optimizes its development on top of your records for laptop, tablet and smartphone devices.

Automated Data Import/Export functions

Set data import/export schedules using connectors that move your data between Custom database system and cloud repositories like AWS, FTP, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and more.

Email and SMS Notifications modules

Send automatic email and SMS notifications from your applications, database triggers or tasks. Use drag-and-drop tools to customize your alerts for different users and record updates.


Security and Governance at Every Layer. Security measures are prioritized and enforced throughout each layer of the Zenonhost platform — the cloud infrastructure, the platform architecture and all the tools and services we provide to ensure your data is always protected.

UAC functions

Interface can be authenticated with encrypted password technology. Manage unlimited users, set role-based permissions and store passwords safely in your online database.

Permission functions

Apply record-level permissions for unlimited users and roles accessing your portal / database, ensuring that everyone accesses only the specific records authorized to them.

DP functions

Grant or deny access to your apps by specifying a range of IP addresses. Quickly configure default access rules for each interface and manage exceptions that either allow or block access.

This option is only applicable if you are setting up a portal for user to access with login info and can also register.

Simplify user registration by enabling login through popular ID services like Google ID, Twitter ID and Open ID — eliminating the need to remember yet another password.

This allows your users to remember only their corporate password.

Single sign-on (SSO) is an user authentication process that allows your users to enter one username and password in order to access multiple applications. Single sign-on allows you to use your corporate identity management for your authentication of your application users. . Allow your internal users to sign into your database applications using corporate credentials. Supports Active Directory, Azure AD, OneLogin, Okta and all other SAML 2.0 ID providers.

Logs is a common area that allows you to view all types of logs generated from different services and activities in your account and applications.

View usage reports for your password-protected apps. Track all login attempts, devices, browsers and password resets so you can monitor activities and quickly address any issues.

Account Security Governance function

Apply a uniform security policy across your custom database accounts. Options include rules for password strength, expiration, deactivation, timeout, user lockout and more.

Data Encryption function

All accounts, applications and data transfer instances are protected with TLS encryption (HTTPS). Full disk encryption is also enforced while data is at rest.

Audit Trail and 2nd Layer Encryption function

Meet various security and regulatory requirements with audit trail and database-level encryption at rest. Audit logs track all user access to data through accounts, applications and API transactions.


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Database development functions

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